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Sarasota Outpatient Neck & Back Surgery Testimonials

Tara (Parrish, Florida): ACDF (Neck) Surgery

When I was referred to a spine surgeon, I asked my husband (who works with physicians throughout Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice) for his advice, and he said that Dr. Fine came very highly recommended.  After my initial consultation, I was deemed a surgical candidate and given the option of hospitalization or outpatient at GulfCoast Surgery Center.  I chose outpatient and could not have been happier with the results.  I went in the morning and was home by the afternoon. Since my surgery, much of my pain and many of my problems are dramatically diminished or totally gone.  My surgery was just a couple of weeks ago, so I still have a little recovery left, but I'm getting much better everyday.


Paul (Fort Myers): ACDF (Neck ) Surgery

 My experience with Dr. Fine and his staff was very positive.  You are in very good hands with him.


Joan (Bradenton): LDF (Back) Surgery

Being able to once again enjoy exercise and daily activity without pain medication has given me a new lease on life.


Colleen (Sarasota): LDF (Back) Surgery

I can't thank Dr. Fine enough for their dedication, skill, hard work and most importantly, their kindness.  I would recommend him to anyone considering (outpatient spine) surgery.


Anthony (Venice, Florida): ACDF (Neck) Surgery

I don't think it is possible for me to have had better results from my neck surgery than I did .


Robin (Tampa): ACDF (Neck) Surgery

Several months after my car accident, I just assumed that sever neck and arm pain would be permanent.  Dr. Fine and Brett assured me that I would get better after surgery.  Although a little stiff, I felt better the day of surgery, just hours after surgery.  The nurses who came to see me at my home gave me even more confidence that I would recover and feel better than ever.

Joe (Port Charlotte): ACDF (Neck) Surgery

My auto accident left me in bad shape, eventually with shooting pain through both arms, wrists, and hands.  I eventually ended up in Dr. Fine's office, and he told me I could fixed by surgery and go home the same day.  I listened to him, and now I'm glad I did.  A few months before, thought there wasn't much chance that I'd be pain free, but all the pain was gone within a few weeks of my surgery at GulfCoast.

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Call 941-308-5700 for an appointment with Dr. Fine to see if you qualify for outpatient surgery at GulfCoast Surgery Center, or fax physician referral to 941-308-5757. Workers' compensation or auto insurance? Please have case manager (work comp) or treating physician (auto) schedule. Bring X-Ray, CT, or MRI relating to your neck or back complications.

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Outpatient Candidates

Patients with private insurance, workers' compensation, auto insurance, or cash.  Patients have labs and physical examinations to ensure that outpatient surgery poses no risk.  Home health is standard protocol for outpatient spine surgeries at GulfCoast Surgery Center for minimum of 3 days. 

Outpatient Advantages

  • 40%+ cheaper than hospital
  • higher cost savings with home health to overnight @ hospital
  • recover at home with family/friends
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Auto Insurance & Car Accident

Because of our busy schedule and specialty, we cannot guarantee to see a auto accident patient within the 14 days allowed under Florida law.  Please visit Sarasota Accident Doctor or Bradenton Accident Doctor to see a medical doctor anywhere in Sarasota or Manatee County.

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