Sarasota Spine Surgeon
Sarasota Spine Surgeon

Sarasota Cervical Spine Surgeon

For patients who medically qualify for outpatient cervical (neck) surgery or procedure at GulfCoast Surgery Center in Sarasota, they enjoy incredible cost savings and recover without hospitalization among family and friends.  Dr. Fine performs laminectomies, discectomies, and anterior cervical discectomies and fusions (ACDFs) at GulfCoast Surgery Center, where patients leave the surgery center and post-surgically return to their point of origin.  Home Health (skilled nursing) is ordered for a minimum of three days for patients who undergo ACDFs, and the patients will have a follow-up with either Dr. Fine or Brett Griffin, PAC. If you do not qualify for outpatient surgery, Andrew Fine has privilieges at Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.


Sometimes the source of pain in the upper extremities (hands, wrists, arms, or shoulders) can be linked to the cervical spine (neck).  It is wise to visit an orthopedic surgeon for them to diagnose the source of your problems, and if medically necessary, they will direct your care to a neurosurgeon.

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Call 941-308-5700 for an appointment with Dr. Fine to see if you qualify for outpatient surgery at GulfCoast Surgery Center, or fax physician referral to 941-308-5757. Workers' compensation or auto insurance? Please have case manager (work comp) or treating physician (auto) schedule. Bring X-Ray, CT, or MRI relating to your neck or back complications.

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Outpatient Candidates

Patients with private insurance, workers' compensation, auto insurance, or cash.  Patients have labs and physical examinations to ensure that outpatient surgery poses no risk.  Home health is standard protocol for outpatient spine surgeries at GulfCoast Surgery Center for minimum of 3 days. 

Outpatient Advantages

  • 40%+ cheaper than hospital
  • higher cost savings with home health to overnight @ hospital
  • recover at home with family/friends
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Auto Insurance & Car Accident

Because of our busy schedule and specialty, we cannot guarantee to see a auto accident patient within the 14 days allowed under Florida law.  Please visit Sarasota Accident Doctor or Bradenton Accident Doctor to see a medical doctor anywhere in Sarasota or Manatee County.

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