Sarasota Spine Surgeon
Sarasota Spine Surgeon

Brett Griffin, Sarasota Spine Specialist

Brett M. Griffin, PA-C has been an excellent addition to Dr. Fine's team in his two years of service.  He not only diagnoses and treats clinic and hospital patients under the direct supervision of Dr. Fine, but he is the first assist in the operating room with Dr. Fine at the hospital and GulfCoast Surgery Center.  Mr. Griffin obtains histories and performs clinical/physical examinations of many new and existing patients.  He performs hospital rounds, submits dictations (including consultations and discharge summaries), records and updates, supervises electronic medical records, and communicates to patients and family members.  His experience and performance has earned Dr. Fine's trust, and he will earn your trust as well. 


Before joining Dr. Fine and Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists, Mr. Griffin served in a similar capacity for three years with Schofield, Hand & Bright Orthopaedics in Sarasota.  His previous experience placed him in Orlando Regional Medical Center for 6 years, where as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, he administered acute adult crical care, including inhalation therapy, arterial line cannulation and emergent intubation.  He also intitiated invasive and noninvasive life support, including mechanical ventilation and BIPAP/CPAP, ECG and hemodynamic monitoring, chest x-ray and CT-scan review, Intra-Aortic Baloon Pump initiation and management in the OR, cath-lab, and ICU environments, transportation to satellite hospitals or facilities, assistance with bedside tracheostomies, bronchoscopies, chest tubes, and insertion of hemodynamic monitoring devises, arterial blood gas puncture and interpretation, quality management, code 90 response team, bedside Pulmonary Function Testing, and coverage and assistance with Level 1 Trauma/Emergency Department patients including pediatrics. His experience, accomplishments, and expertise demonstrate why Dr. Fine trusts Mr. Griffin when evaluating, surgically assisting, and following up with his patients.


Mr. Griffin belongs to both the American Academy of Physician Assistants and Florida Academy of Physician Assistants.

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Call 941-308-5700 for an appointment with Dr. Fine to see if you qualify for outpatient surgery at GulfCoast Surgery Center, or fax physician referral to 941-308-5757. Workers' compensation or auto insurance? Please have case manager (work comp) or treating physician (auto) schedule. Bring X-Ray, CT, or MRI relating to your neck or back complications.

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Outpatient Candidates

Patients with private insurance, workers' compensation, auto insurance, or cash.  Patients have labs and physical examinations to ensure that outpatient surgery poses no risk.  Home health is standard protocol for outpatient spine surgeries at GulfCoast Surgery Center for minimum of 3 days. 

Outpatient Advantages

  • 40%+ cheaper than hospital
  • higher cost savings with home health to overnight @ hospital
  • recover at home with family/friends
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Auto Insurance & Car Accident

Because of our busy schedule and specialty, we cannot guarantee to see a auto accident patient within the 14 days allowed under Florida law.  Please visit Sarasota Accident Doctor or Bradenton Accident Doctor to see a medical doctor anywhere in Sarasota or Manatee County.

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